Footloose & fancy free

Published in Australian Art Collector, Issue 58, October – December 2011

For the first time, this year’s annual Primavera exhibition has broken free of the gallery, presenting curator Anna Davis with the chance to showcase young artists working in performance and public art, reports Jane O’Sullivan.

This year Primavera, the Museum of Contemporary Art’s young artist exhibition, is something of a homeless beast. The museum’s own gallery spaces were off limits because of the construction work for the new MCA wing. One option could have been to find a host gallery – as was the case with the MCA’s Tell me tell me exhibition earlier this year, staged at the National Art School – but curator Anna Davis thought there were more interesting avenues to explore.

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Colin Laverty: Beyond sacred

Published in Australian Art Collector, Issue 58, October – December 2011

Collector Colin Laverty has just released a new, expanded version of his book Beyond Sacred. He talks to Jane O’Sullivan about his ongoing mission to change perceptions of Aboriginal art, both at home and overseas, and see it recognised as great contemporary art.

How do you think Aboriginal art is perceived overseas at the moment and, more importantly, how should it be seen?

I’m trying to promote Aboriginal art as great contemporary art. While it’s perceived as tribal or ethnographic art the market for it is tiny. But if you can get it into really great prestigious contemporary museums, both here in Australia and especially overseas, the market for that, and the awareness of it, becomes hugely bigger.

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