Michelle Nikou

A photograph of a mouth becomes a wool rug; a chocolate bar becomes a bronze ingot. Michelle Nikou’s alchemical transformations often turn around hunger and sustenance. She uses a wide range of everyday materials but seems especially drawn to objects like cups and plates, buckets and shoes—to vessels. Many of her works feel like they could be filled and emptied again; like Nikou has captured them at one point in a cycle.

My creative nonfiction piece on Michelle Nikou’s practice is now online. I’m thankful for the opportunity to spend time with this work & take some risks in trying to capture that experience on the page.

Jenna Gribbon

Jenna Gribbon wants you to look. She wants you to enjoy the act of looking, but she also wants you to know what you’re doing. Nipples are a glaring pink. Limbs are suggestively entwined. But it’s not quite what you’re thinking. She talks to Vault from New York about bodies, pleasure and the ethics of looking.

Full story in Issue 38 of Vault.

rīvus: Biennale of Sydney

The Biennale of Sydney opened on March 12 after weeks of heavy rain along the east coast of Australia. Catastrophic floods had affected several regions. Emergency relief lagged, and grassroots organizations scrambled to help their communities themselves. Titled “rīvus” after the Latin for “stream,” this year’s biennale was a provocation to consider how life depends on water. It was a timely one.

My full review is in ArtAsiaPacific ($). I also wrote about Erin Coates, Yuko Mohri, Jumana Emil Abboud, Kiki Smith, waterways and connection.