Summer good times


When I was editing Art Collector magazine, the January issue always meant crazy times. So many stories and pic requests and photo shoots and balls in the air.

This year, as a freelancer, I have to say I loved working on the special summer issue and it was an absolute pleasure to contribute pieces on Kushana Bush, Monica Rohan, Yhonnie Scarce, Deb Mansfield and Noel McKenna.

And, of course, I love the Patricia Piccinini cover! I can’t wait to get Brisbane to see Curious Affection.

For the readers or crowd, sometimes it’s just half an hour’s distraction or curiosity…The anxiety or striving you put in can sometimes be debilitating, and they won’t even notice. The answer isn’t to invest less, but to remember the stakes for the audience are sometimes not as high as they are for you.

—Writer/philosopher Damon Young on creativity and worrying about the right things. Interviewed by Madeleine Dore for Kill Your Darlings.