Patrizia Biondi

Patrizia Biondi in Vault magazine

Patrizia Biondi works with discarded cardboard but, as she says, “it’s treated as if it was a precious material”. She labours over every piece—cutting, sanding, gluing and cleaning, often multiple times over. “I treat every little piece of cardboard with dignity.”

This close attention is an act of resistance. “I see the cardboard as iconic of commerce,” says the Sydney-based artist and recent graduate of the Sydney College of the Arts. “We package everything. We store it in cardboard. We transport it in cardboard,” she says. For her, it represents the global economy’s “dictum of constant growth” and its demands for constant consumption. Salvaging it is her way of declaring that we’re dealing with finite resources.

The works are heavily layered and three-dimensional. In Handle With Care, 2019, the cardboard is pieced into a bulging fan shape that lists to the side like it’s about to slide off. Another recent work, Delivery Instructions do not leave on porch if office is unattended, 2019, suggests the forms of domestic architecture.

Full story in issue 29 of Vault magazine.