Artspeak clichés I hate

Interrogate – although it does amuse me to imagine artists as plodding detectives, shining desk lamps in the faces of moody and recalcitrant ideas.

Facilitate – if your job description involves “facilitating projects” or, worse, “facilitating ideas” then I’m sad to say you’re guilty of verb crimes against humanity.

Notions – oh sure, it’s quaint. It has a touch of the Aunty Mabels about it. But that’s precisely why it’s so odd to see it turn up in discussions of not-so-fluffy ideas (“notions of capitalism”). File this one under “use your thesaurus wisely”.

Juxtaposition – yes I know, it can be a useful word, but if there’s a simple way to make it sound like you’ve only just finished your first high school art theory class, then this is it.

Platform – especially creating platforms for dialogue and discussion. Because sometimes the art world just sounds like a series of powerpoint slides.

Žižek – Sorry Slavoj, it’s not your fault you were flavour of the month with art school grads in 2012. I just want to read one artist statement that doesn’t talk about you. Just one. Is that too much to ask?


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