Some of my favourite artists on Twitter

A brief survey of artists I follow on Twitter, both real and fake:


For all caps aphorisms, Jenny Holzer style, like “REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH IS IMPERATIVE SO I’VE LEFT A DEAD BIRD ON YOUR DOORSTEP”. Jenny Holzer’s Cat is one of the all-time classic Twitter fakes.


Artist, writer and curator Daniel Mudie Cunningham shows why he really should have been a sub-editor. Sometimes they’re art puns (“Mike Parr for the course”) but mostly they’re just silly (“Sold my soul to the Breville again.”). Only true subs find puns like that funny.

Tom Polo sits somewhere between Shit My Dad Says and Seinfeld. Expect random posts about people he meets (he likes the sales assistants who wear lab coats and hand out perfume, and people who catch the train before 7am) as well as the odd lolcat.

@georgethecuntt &Β @gilberttheshit

I’m assuming this is not the real Gilbert & George, but I could be wrong…


I like Dani Marti because he posts pics of his cactus garden. That sort of life-loving behaviour should not go unrewarded.


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